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Error Index

You can receive the error code and its details as a callback(OnAIPlayerError) and take appropriate action.

If an error occurs, the OnAIPlayerError(AIError) callback function is called from the IAIPlayerCallback implementation. The AIError, a parameter of this function, contains information about the error. The ErrorCode property can identify the type of error compared to the AIError.Code and can identify additional explanations through the Description property. For the sender member considering the extension, currently delivering the identification value (AIName) of the model where the error occurred.



  • UNKNOWN_ERR : Unknown error other than SDK
  • AI_API_ERR : API error provided by SDK
  • AI_SERVER_ERR : Error received from server
  • AI_RES_ERR : Error in downloading and loading resources
  • AI_INIT_ERR : Error during initialization
  • INVALID_AICLIPSET_ERR : Error in invalid clip set
  • AICLIPSET_PRELOAD_ERR : Preload related error
  • AICLIPSET_PLAY_ERR : Utterance (action) related error
  • RESERVED_ERR : (Currently Not Used)

Take error handling, for example, when the error code is 1402, it means Token Expired, and in response, you can call the Authenticate or GenerateToekn function to update the token.

You can find the overall contents of the errors in this link.